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There Is Hope

This morning I’m sat at my desk at Greenpeace UK where I work as volunteer to the Outreach team. Yesterday, Russian authorities started charging the Arctic 30 with piracy, a charge that could carry up to 15 years in jail. … Continue reading

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In Support of Captain Paul Watson

We live in a strange world.  About a fortnight ago Captain Paul Watson, the leader of Sea Shepherd, was arrested in Germany for actions taken in Costa Rica that he states occurred ‘over a decade ago’.  The event in question … Continue reading

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Global Victory for Environmentalists

Environmentalists won a landmark victory against huge odds this month, as President Obama sent plans for the XL pipeline back for further review.  The review, which will delay the project by at least 12 months, is said to be a … Continue reading

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The Rainbow Warrior III: Bearing Witness

Bearing Witness is an integral idea for Greenpeace environmentalists.  Since the first Greenpeace action in 1971, when the Phyllis Cormack sailed to Amchitka to protest against US nuclear weapons testing, being, essentially, ‘in the way’ or being able to report … Continue reading

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