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There Is Hope

This morning I’m sat at my desk at Greenpeace UK where I work as volunteer to the Outreach team. Yesterday, Russian authorities started charging the Arctic 30 with piracy, a charge that could carry up to 15 years in jail. … Continue reading

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Civil Disobedience. Or, Being ‘Extreme’

Do you ever question the rules?  Most of us are willing to accept that we are born into a system of rules and regulations that are created for the cohesion of society – but behind our system of governance lies … Continue reading

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Every Last Drop

It’s remarkable to note that the first prediction of climate change was made by a Swedish chemist, Svante Arrhenius, in 1896.  Maybe more remarkable, modern science seems to show that Arrhenius was not only right about the warming effect of burning … Continue reading

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In Support of Captain Paul Watson

We live in a strange world.  About a fortnight ago Captain Paul Watson, the leader of Sea Shepherd, was arrested in Germany for actions taken in Costa Rica that he states occurred ‘over a decade ago’.  The event in question … Continue reading

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Cider with Rosie

Recently, I was asked to write an essay on valuing the environment.  As someone who blogs about the subject regularly, it might come as a surprise that the essay wasn’t easy to write.  One reason for this was that it … Continue reading

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Food is an Ethical Issue

In a recent blog for the Independent entitled ‘Eating Ethics: are some foods morally bad for you?’ Kirk Leech concluded that ‘[f]ood should be seen as pleasure and not penance; something that brings happiness and joy rather than anxiety’.  Food, … Continue reading

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Democracy and the Environment / The Environment as a Social Movement

At the weekend I was part of the ‘Occupy London’ protest, one of 900 ‘Occupy’ protests that took place in over 80 countries on Saturday the 15th of October.  Although mounted police prevented access to Paternoster Square (home of the … Continue reading

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