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Thoughts from FOE Conference, Day 2: Paradigm shift, Mother to Child

My second day at Friends of the Earth national conference has been no less exciting or interesting than the first, with talks from Craig Bennett on the FOE ‘road map’ to the future, Tony Juniper and Paul De Zylva on … Continue reading

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Missing the Bigger Picture

Today is the last day of the tar sands protest outside of the White House.  Protesters have attended for two weeks now, and over 1,000 people have already been arrested – including eminent climate scientist Dr James Hanson, environmentalist Bill … Continue reading

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Enough is Enough

Rather out of the ordinary for me today, I accosted two teenage boys for littering the streets of my home town.  Picking up their discarded plastics, I took them to them and pointed out they were only meters from a … Continue reading

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Gaia: We are all Parts of a Whole

In the 1970s, scientist and inventor, James Lovelock presented Gaia Theory, a hypotheses that took the idea of ecosystem interdependence to a global level.  In Gaia, Lovelock explained the idea that all ecosystems are interlinked and interdependent on their physical … Continue reading

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