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Food is an Ethical Issue

In a recent blog for the Independent entitled ‘Eating Ethics: are some foods morally bad for you?’ Kirk Leech concluded that ‘[f]ood should be seen as pleasure and not penance; something that brings happiness and joy rather than anxiety’.  Food, … Continue reading

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Democracy and the Environment / The Environment as a Social Movement

At the weekend I was part of the ‘Occupy London’ protest, one of 900 ‘Occupy’ protests that took place in over 80 countries on Saturday the 15th of October.  Although mounted police prevented access to Paternoster Square (home of the … Continue reading

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The Controversy Around Polar Bears

Polar bears seem to make the eco-headlines often enough but, so far, haven’t worked their way into my blog.  Why?  I suppose it’s because I just haven’t known which angle to take.  Does telling people about polar bears dying of … Continue reading

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Earth Overshoot Day

It’s the first of October today.  Three more months to go until the new year.  But not for the planet.  September 27th was this year’s ‘Earth Overshoot Day’, calculated by the Global Footprint Network.  ‘Earth Overshoot Day’ is the date … Continue reading

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