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March for the Dolphins

A very brief blog to let you all know that tomorrow is 1st of September – the first day of dolphin slaughter season in Japan.  I shall be marching in London, from Leicester Square Station to the Japanese embassy, with … Continue reading

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US Gives Canada Go Ahead to Destroy the World

Having spent a few days trying to encourage people to do some small, easy things to make positive changes to for the environment, I think it may be fair to say that, after news over the weekend that the Obama … Continue reading

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Shop Online and Save The Planet

It might come as a surprise that I’ve chosen this topic as a closing item to my recent ‘personal changes’ series of blogs, yet, I promise, it’s probably no less important than eliminating plastic bags, reducing car usage by 20%, … Continue reading

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Forsake Plastic, Clean Beaches

Continuing my line of posts on personal positive changes, here’s a very simple thing you can do for the environment.  Stop using plastic bags.  Where carbon chokes our atmosphere, plastic chokes the planet – including the great oceans, which we … Continue reading

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Get on your Bikes and Ride!

My second post this week on small, easy changes that can have positive environmental effects, is on our over use of the car.  Once again, as in my Meat Free Monday blog, I am not suggesting extremes, or sudden sacrifices … Continue reading

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Meat Free Mondays

As promised in my last rant on social responsibility, this week all my posts shall be on little effective things that can be done to make changes for the environment.  The first, it still being Monday, is on food consumption … Continue reading

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Enough is Enough

Rather out of the ordinary for me today, I accosted two teenage boys for littering the streets of my home town.  Picking up their discarded plastics, I took them to them and pointed out they were only meters from a … Continue reading

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