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Circus Ban Tricks

Last month I wrote about the strange reluctance of the government to pass the circus ban.  On the day the ban was voted through, the Conservative MP who had brought the ban, Mark Pritchard, claimed that the PM had made, … Continue reading

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DEFRA Refuses to Take Action on Animal Welfare Video

Today’s scourge through Twitter updates brought up an unpleasant video, broadcast on Sky News, and secretly recorded by Animal Aid.  As part of their campaign to get CCTVs legally instated in slaughterhouses, Animal Aid had managed to get CCTV cameras … Continue reading

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Success in the Seas

I was never expecting to post a successive list of positive enviro-stories, but today’s blog is one of the more positive I will write.  Yesterday, after a year of campaigning, the Oceans team at Greenpeace UK won their long battle … Continue reading

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Gaia: We are all Parts of a Whole

In the 1970s, scientist and inventor, James Lovelock presented Gaia Theory, a hypotheses that took the idea of ecosystem interdependence to a global level.  In Gaia, Lovelock explained the idea that all ecosystems are interlinked and interdependent on their physical … Continue reading

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Inspirational Humans

Yesterday, a friend from Greenpeace West Dorset read my blog and sent me a quick email.  It was entitled ‘It’s not all doom and gloom’, and there was a link attached to the story of some Americans who had come … Continue reading

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The Cove

I’ve already spoken a lot about fish and the oceans, but stay with me if you didn’t want to read another oceanic post because this one is about dolphins.  Now, you might have had quite enough of me rattling on … Continue reading

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‘Proposed’ Fishery Progress in Europe

Europe took, what could be, a tentative step forwards today as the publication of the Common Fishery Policy was announced in Brussels.  Despite all the BskyB and phone hacking headlines, the new policy still managed to make the news – and … Continue reading

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